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I like the new digital cards and digital wallet myself. When I purchased 2 Rolex's last year the warranty was activated at the AD. It tells Rolex that the watch has been sold and when. It starts the warranty clock ticking. It does NOT list WHO the watch was sold to. And getting history from Rolex is like pulling teeth.. Breitling's new digital system list when the watch was sold, who it was sold to, any warranty work or service done and when and list your COSC certificate which you can print. It also tells you when your warranty expires If you sell the watch, you can transfer all this to the new owner as well as any remaining warranty.

I think this is perfect for the history of your watch and authentication a perspective buyer or a loved one would like to have. I have purchased 4 Breitling's so far this year and all came with the new card and box. I could live just fine if the gave a travel pouch and warranty card and kept the box. I think verifiable history is much more valuable than a box.
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