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Originally Posted by S O G View Post

I got around to learning how to post pictures! It seems like there was a redirect with the image hosting site that I was using. If anyone can suggest a good service, I would appreciate it.

Hopefully the pictures below convey why I like this watch so much. The majesty of this watch is in the detail. For example, look at the boot on Italy. I also especially appreciate the shape of the UK and Ireland--it looks like a decent representation considering the media.

Here is something I found interesting. When I looked at the Patek name on the dial, I saw that in certain light the lettering casts a shadow--look at the G in Genveva. As such, it is not directly on the cloisonne--nor is it on back on the crystal. My guess is that there is a coat of clear material that protects the dial and the printing is on top of that. I will try to find out.

As mentioned earlier, it is the detail that makes the 5231 stand out. I took the same photo using a $65 microscope to show you the details under different natural lighting conditions using my hand to block or redirect light. In this first one, I tried to highlight the wire framing and its intricacy. Things that pop out at me are the Nordics, Yucatan Peninsula and Madagascar. I have been to the dial factory and saw first hand the work that is required to this. The patience to work with this material is beyond comprehension.

Same photo but now trying to show the colors. I appreciate the accuracy of the depiction of geographical features of the Americas. The mountain ranges look right to me. The colors of the oceans become a darker blue as you get out in the middle of the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans.

This essentially the same picture that was taken in direct light. I want show some of the fine details in the application of the enamel. The contrast between colors is not the same as the beautiful 5131R that was posted earlier. I think both have their merit and it will be interesting to see what the 5231R will look like when it comes out.

Finally, perhaps not a fair comparison but I wanted to show a comparison between this watch its predecessor--the 5131J. I think it is obvious that Patek is getting better making these dials. I have seen a number of the 5131s and and I have yet to see anything on a 5131J that matches this level of work. I think the same is true for the 5131J when compared to the 5131R--the rose gold always looked better to me. I am not sure if it is because of the skill level required to create the wire frames for Europe. Will we see more detail like Hokkaido on the depiction of Japan or the Korean Peninsula if a 5231R come out? Time will tell.

So far, I am very happy with this purchase. I find new things to appreciate every time I wear it. There are so many subtleties in the dial that you have to see one in person to appreciate it. I consider myself very fortunate.

Thanks, S. O. Gurmeet

Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for the pictures.
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