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Originally Posted by Jay (Eire) View Post
You could ask someone to help you get a Black Label for you, of the three itís the better looking watch.

But I think as Subtona says above, Iíd skip this iteration completely and either look back to older models with the original dial configuration or hold off for the ďall newĒ Resonance which is slated to come soon.

One upside of this iteration is the short production run, if that matters to you. I donít believe it will impact resale much, but thatís just an opinion.

Good stuff here from you and subtona. Thank you.

New Resonance?? I thought this was done with this reference.

It appears that one takes a big hit on these. One from the Boutique will be 74,400CHF. I see the resale in Gen 2 for about $50K. Is that standard?

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