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Originally Posted by blue92 View Post
Anyone know if there are any published lists of Rolex watch movement serial numbers so one can figure out the production dates. I know there's a published list of case serial numbers but that only tells me how old the case is I want to know old the movements inside the cases are.

Every Internet list is only based on supposition and information that's been amassed over the years by the various forums etc as nothing has been officially released from Rolex. And by these charts be can get a approx date when the case/clasp was stamped between X&Y years and not when a completed watch was made nothing more.And look at it this way at one time Rolex was producing around 1000000 units a year less today.Now the cal 3135 is used in quite a few models so lets assume say 600000 of those were the cal 3135.Now these are not all made to order for any particular case.So these movements are not made the same day, week, or perhaps year.Plus the factor of the movement being tested at the COSC and ones tested being returned to Rolex from COSC. So at any one time Rolex must have a huge stock of movements for the mass production.And does it matter how old the movement is or what the serial case is.As when bought new they all get the same warranty,and no matter when the movement or case was stamped all Rolex mechanical watches are good for 50 years with just a little owner care and routine service.

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