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Originally Posted by padi56 View Post
Cannot understand why do you ask every detail when say buy a washing machine or TV or any other mechanical devise when was made.And by knowing exactly when the case or movement was made will it make it last longer or work better.If you know Rolex as well as many on this forum you would know you was buying one of the finest long lasting mechanical movement on this planet.Surely that's enough to have the confidence in any Rolex watch no matter the serial or movement number otherwise why buy a Rolex unless like some they just wear a brand..
It seems you have no idea what passion is ...

There's no passion for washing machine or TV , there's for Rolex watches, at least for people loosing time on forums like TRF or others.

If your Rolex watch is only an object that only needs to work fine, why are you coming here ? it works , no ?
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