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Explorer 1016 versus Alpha Explorer; review soon

I am the happy owner of an Explorer 1 rev. 1016 that I inherited from my father. It is my most cherished possession...but one that I don't wear as often as I like for fear of something untoward happening to it.

I hate the fakes, but I have been on the look out for a good substitute that looks enough like the Explorer to remind me of it. One that is not a fake. I just learned about the Alpha "homage" watches and decided to take a chance.

It should arrive in a few days. I will then post a review and compare the "homage" with the real thing. I've seen reviews of other Alpha watches here and at other sites. I am interested in seeing just how much I can get for $50.

I will also compare it with some other low price watches I have. I have been a happy member of the "poor man's watch forum" for several years and I have a nice collection of bargain watches including a Marcello C Nettuno 2, a Sandoz Diver, a Seiko SNX427K2, and a few others. Inexpensive does not mean "poor quality." They might not be heirlooms that I can pass on to future generations, but they get the job done.
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