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Originally Posted by CRM114 View Post
Sorry if I came off wrong, I wasn't really challenging you so much as pointing something that's related to what happened here in Hong Kong a few days ago.

Here they are very open and specific as to where and when people who've tested positive, right down to the apartment building they live in (before shuffled off to the hospital) or where there were groups (wedding and such and such a place, for example) so others in town are aware.

Last weekend there was a positive test for a lady who it seems was out partying (in an area of town known for partying) that has fallen back into being a draw for too much loose social contacting. This particular lady was..ahem.. "social contacting" to the highest degree with a group of friends.

Once the awareness was out there, not so much because of this 1 person, but because along with the inbound HKers bringing new cases in from abroad a sense that too many people were relaxing while out partying too much, the government moved pretty quickly and announced the ban of alcohol sales in all restaurants and pubs effective a few days ago.

That they didn't shut down the pubs and restaurants entirely, but only banned alcohol sales, allows the businesses to stay open to sell food and non-alcoholic drinks instead of shuttering them entirely. In other words, they don't advocate crowds, but they also recognize that a bunch of sober people around each other acting responsibly are far less likely to cause a problem than a bunch of inebriated ones who, as the night wears on, get more careless.

no problem at all.

clearly tensions are high. couple that with the sometimes difficult communication via a medium such as this one and things can get misconstrued. I am clearly not immune myself.

and thank you for your additional communication and explanation.

stay safe.
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