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Originally Posted by superdog View Post
I just got back from my doctors office. I was picking up some new meds. I also went to the UPS store to get something notarized.

I found it interesting that the woman behind the desk was not wearing gloves at either place.

I was. But at this point it is suspect to touch anything.

If I open the door and touch my pen? Or my phone? Or my pants? What then?

Interesting times. I think as much as possible we need to keep our chin up, and be strong. Character is defined during tough times, not during easy times.

Great points, Seth. They had an ICU nurse in the Toronto area on tv today outside of a retailer. They had PPE such as gloves, and even masks but were touching them and also had an improper fit the nurse pointed out.

It's great to see more and more people doing their part to help plank the curve, ASAP. But as you say we must keep our chins up, be sensible, and get through this.
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