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Originally Posted by Hollie_Rollie View Post
Not at all.

Donít forget, the faux* Rolex scarcity is still in its infancy. 2016/2017 you could get pretty much anything in the states.

*not scarce if products are available in the hundreds on gray market.

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This is a logical fallacy. Products are available via other sellers due to their dramatically increased price. An equilibrium is reached where most of the market cries "uncle" and refuses to pay that, but a few do. It in no way suggests there is actually supply which approaches demand.

Forget about watches, let's consider the release of a new Playstation. In those first weeks, you can't walk into a normal retail store anywhere in America and find one just sitting on the shelves. Yet there are dozens of them on ebay - at 2-3x MSRP. Does that mean this is all fake? Sony is just holding back? Or Bob on ebay actually bought 1M systems and is hoarding them? No, of course not. Demand far exceeds supply, and the few lucky people who did happen to find one at their local Wal-mart are now trying to make a quick buck.

In the Rolex world the demand has continued to build and the supply has not notably increased, so we've been stuck in "Playstation release week" mode for years...
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