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Originally Posted by knighty88 View Post
I hope not, but I think the 'scarcity' is actually down to flipping and greys operating in the middle... if you look around, the 'hot models' can be seen everywhere for inflated prices - so ask yourself if there really is an actual shortage.

So long as the flippers stay away from Omega, no problem :)
I hear that argument here a lot and it doesnít make sense to me. The demand outpacing the supply is real. I donít see what any of this could have to do with flipping. In fact, flippers can only exist on the above scenario, but not create it.
Rolex cannot and will not reasonably increase supply. I donít think thatís possible or a wise decision with regards to actual and perceived quality. Or as simple as not having enough qualified staff (just like most industries at the moment).
People can and do sell their new watches at a premium to people who want them even more. What this really shows is that Rolex retail prices are way too low. Now would it be a good long-term idea to bring prices up to a level that meats the demand? Probably not.

I was looking for charts yesterday and havenít found them yet on price development of key Omega and Rolex models over time. Couldnít find them yet.
All I know is that I just paid last yearís retail price for a used Speedmaster 1861 (discontinued). And I was thrilled because I had prepared myself for having to pay more for a pristine specimen. The new model is now way over 6K for a watch that was half that or less not all too long ago.
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