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I wanted a Pelagos for a while. I finally got one (here, from a great seller).

I wear a DJ41 daily, but I had to send it into the shop, so I had a good chance to get to know the Blue Pelagos.

I grew VERY fond of it. I loved it when I got it, and I loved it way more after wearing it for a month straight.

I can't say enough good things about it. Thanks for posting your review. I'd agree!

It's got a lot of that Rolex thing going on, only at a much kinder price. One thing it has that Rolex doesn't is a modern flare. Tudor does some things that Rolex just can't...because history I guess.

The fit and finish of mine was spot on. Very desirable lines, edges, textures and finishes.

So many small bits of cool that add up to a really nice whole. It's well thought out, just right.
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