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Originally Posted by swish77 View Post
As stated, much better photos are needed, especially of the dial/hands.

What I will say is that the case does indeed look very nice, and possibly unpolished. Those crown guards look untouched. See how long they are? That's very distinctive to this reference. (See my MK2's crown guards below for comparison; I believe my watch was lightly polished at some point.)

However, that minute hand looks shot and would definitely bug me. Not sure if it's just dirt or corrosion, but something's going on. The tritium also looks a little funky on the 24-hour hand, but hard to tell for sure in the photos.

And what exactly is the "full set?" It can mean different things to different sellers. Is the Rolex guarantee paper punched?

Assuming everything checks out, it could be a fair deal for an MKI full set, but the jury's still out.

That's a really nice example you have there swish. As questioned, 1655 have variations on the second hand? I noticed yours have this 'lollipop' hand. Which one came first and does it determine some sort of value?

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