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Technically the all blue lume is newer when compared to M and V serials which had blue 3,6,9 and the rest green. The older dial is the original dial after all... The question is if Random and G serials are still being made simultaneously with different dials.

I'm only aware of two dial font variations and believe both have been around since the start of the GV in 2007. Of course all those had the original dial but the two dial variations could now mean different lume if both are still being produced side by side. It could also mean that lume color isn't necessarily any true indication of watch age beyond the V serial range. I could be wrong and probably am.

Would be interesting to track those watches of members willing to participate.

Could call 'M' of milgauss lining up with 'YS' Dial A and "M" lining up with 'T' Dial B, Original Lume vs Blue Lume, Serial, Date of purchase

Something like this:

Serial: Random
Date of Purchase: 6/2014
Dial: B
Lume: Original
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