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Originally Posted by 007_Omega View Post
This watch looks great on almost anything. I always put mine back on the bracelet though. Congratz on joining the club. I am thoroughly team Rolex these days but the Speedy will always stay very close to my heart.

If anyone asks, I always tell them that it is my favorite watch. That's mostly true but I also like making the point that just because I have a Rolex doesn't mean that I automatically like it more. Though, I completely acknowledge that my SD43 is on a completely different level of quality as is any modern Rolex sports model.

If the Speedy was water resistant, then it would be the closest thing to perfection we have in this watch world.
One thing that I'm really enjoying about the Speedy is just how easy it is to read the time! It's a great looking watch, very comfortable on the bracelet, and easy to tell time with just a quick glance. If I could only keep one watch out of my current collection it would still be my 16710, but the Speedy is definitely going to get a lot of wrist time.
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