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Originally Posted by AdamW View Post
Great review. IMHO a better comparison would be the Sub with this latest 300 reference. I have both and although I prefer my sub, I think this is the first Omega that's really given it a run for the money. And a lot less money lol!
I agree, Adam, I never quite understand the comparisons of a 4K watch to an 8K watch that don't include frequent mention of the price differences. I think the SeaMaster 300 is a worthy opponent though, and at least closer in price. Omega pushes Rolex, but you have to get into the upper models.

Excellent review, among the best I have seen actually. I always say a used SeaMaster is the best Swiss watch value on the market, if you don't have to have the letters R-O-L-E-X on your timepiece there is nothing better for the money. I just can't figure out why they don't lose the helium valve? This will prevent me from purchasing one. The 300 is my next watch though!
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