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Originally Posted by asrah View Post
Awesome ! Wear it in good health. If you don’t mind sharing the tips for getting the call so quick ( record time )


My story is not too dissimilar than ones you’ve read here.

Sincerity, persistence, passion.

This AD was the one who sold me my first Rolex. After visiting many ADs in my area (and having horrible experiences) I really connected with my SA. She is a wonderful woman to the core.

I visited the AD a few times since I purchased the watch to get small gifts for family on notable occasions.

I sent pineapples from Maui. I dropped off holiday baskets and bottles of champagne on a few occasions.

And then in August, for my anniversary, my wife gave the go ahead to ask for the Pepsi.

I text my SA and explained why I wanted the Pepsi and what it would mean for me. I specifically said “ I will only ask you this one time. How long do you think I will wait? At least 2 years?”

The response was “shouldn’t be”.

I dropped in to see them because we just got a puppy and they wanted to meet her. So I dropped in with the puppy and bottles of wine.

Fast forward to a week ago.

I brought holiday baskets, champagne, and chocolates for the rest of the team. (Scary story, on the way I was almost in a horrible car accident. Someone was going in reverse on the off ramp I just exited. I had to maneuver and the bottles of champagne broke in my car. I stopped at a liquor store down the street to get replacement bottles.

I purchased some small items for family gifts and left.

Anyway, I never did re-inquire about the watch any time I was there. I genuinely wanted to see how these folks were. They truly are “family” to me.

So the owner called me a few days ago and was very happy to receive the basket and champagne (she wasn’t there when I dropped in”.

She expressed that she would love to repay the gesture. I said “Well (SA) is aware of a way to repay it and I would much appreciate it when the time comes.”

Got the call today from the owner and SA and they sung the news to me.

Needless to say it was memorable.
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