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Originally Posted by Fleetlord View Post
I'm not singling your post out as there are many on this thread who share your opinion..

So, the issue is that even non "high risk" individuals will need medical treatment. Quite a few of those in ICU aren't high risk at all. By going back to normal, health care workers are exposed to more cases than they would be by having limitations. This means more personal risk to them, which can be lethal. Why would they want to work under that duress, especially when they are understaffed and don't have enough PPE.

Is that fair to them?

You get to go to a rock concert with 20,000 other people and they get to deal with the illness that propagates afterwards? Virus is still out there and it loves gatherings of people. It's clear that in the weeks following big gatherings, the medical system in the vicinity gets hammered.

So, here is, potentially, a way through this.

There is a waiver attached to a drivers license or other State ID, identifying a person as a "free participant", meaning they can do whatever they want to...but if they test positive for COVID-19 there will be no medical treatment available through the hospital system. The healthcare workers won't be exposed to huge caseloads due to people's decisions. If you want to go out, then go. Get sick?'s on you.

On the flip side, if you don't sign the waiver, then you must shelter in place with the exception of grocery store runs and doctor / pharmacy. That's pretty much it.

NO restaurants, bars, churches, concerts, No shopping. No flying around. ..etc. Scanning the ID card will either let people in who have agreed to the terms or deny entry to those who don't.

If these individuals test positive, then they can get treatment.

Then when the cases drop out due to herd immunity or a vaccine...the waiver program stops.
Darwinism at it's best. But unfortunately I don't think you would legally be able to withhold medical tx even if they signed a document.
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