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OK, call me a Dorklehead, but someone please explain something. I have one more topic I need clarification on. This is from a personal experience the other day. I was walking (not much else to do so put in almost ten miles) and two people were approaching me from the other direction. They walked out in to the bike lane of the street, perfectly understandable, then both stopped and hurriedly put cloth masks on (looks like they were going to rob a bank) and wound them tight. They backed up so far in to the street a car actually screeched and honked, but they didnít move. Neither did I, this was interesting but I wonít go on with the incident.

My question is a standard Home-Depot cloth or paper masks. JoeyChitwood and other medical professionals/scientists correct me if I am wrong.

1. A virus is microscopic, therefore will NOT be filtered out by a standard paper, or cloth mask designed to keep out particles like sawdust. It will go through as if nothing were there.

2. If a person is infected, the mask will NOT keep a virus from being expelled the opposite way either. It might keep particles from exiting the personís area, but a virus will not be filtered.

3. A mask DOES protect you in the following way: It keeps you from picking your nose or putting your hand in your mouth (I usually use my foot ). If you have the virus on your hands for example, it will not gain access to your body through your mouth or nose.

So, my assumption: Masks are USELESS in protecting yourself from acquiring the virus through your mouth and nose from inhalation, it ONLY assists in that it keeps you from picking your nose or sticking your finger in your mouth.

The only fact that I know of that would prove my assumption wrong is if a virus molecule HAS to adhere to a physical particle to ... exist(?). And, please understand I am talking about standard pieces of cloth or masks used in wood cutting and dry-wall work, NOT a medical grade, the N-95 or whatever.

So, I have opened myself up here, if I am way wrong with these facts/assumptions, then someone WITH THE PROFESSIONAL KNOWLEDGE tell me so, and I will admit to being wrong.

My point is besides people acting stupid, a paper mask is giving them a false sense of security, that a $.30 Home Depot dust mask will stop the virus from being inhaled and they are 100% protected, I donít believe this is true at all and on the contrary is quite ludicrous.

But, I put my assumptions out there for abuse, if I am wrong, some qualified person please tell me exactly what points and I bow to your knowledge. I have opened the door for your slings and arrows.

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