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Originally Posted by superdog View Post
disagree. it would not change my opinion one bit. it would hurt terribly. but it would not change my opinion.

bad is not 5% of our population dying. to a certain degree 5% is likely very good for the world.

bad is 25% of the population dying.

bad is the entire wolds economy coming to a halt causing mass rioting, poverty, hunger and therefore more disease and death.
I agree with you. Perspective is the key.
If a loved one dies then one death is bad.
If we look at this from our own nation's perspective then 5% is bad.
If we look at it from the world's perspective then 10% would be bad.
If we look at it from our lifetime's perspective then 20% would be bad.
How about if we look at it from the perspective of history? In a thousand years will 20% of the current world's population matter to anyone or anything? No.
This isn't going to be the end of the world or the end of civilisation as we know it but it will be "bad" for a lot of people. Looking at it from the perspective of the Earth or history - I agree with you: a case could be made for saying 50% wouldn't be bad for our planet as humans aren't a great species.
Selfishly though, we're all thinking of the here and now.
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