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New Rubber Shoes

Hello Pam Fam. Just wanted to share a couple pics of my new Rubber B strap on my 510. I was looking for a bit of a sporty vibe, the assolutamente strap that itís been wearing just didnít feel right with all the sweatpants, T-shirts, and sneakers Iíve been wearing lately while working from home.

I confess I MUCH prefer the Rubber B over the OEM rubber. I have relatively thin wrists with the lugs just reaching the edges of my wrist. The flat OEM strap looks awkward on me, it just falls straight down both sides of my wrist, as opposed to curving around my wrist like the Rubber B. I only wear domed/padded leather straps for the same reason - the center padding gives a curved appearance.

Anywho, white rubber straps donít seem to be too common/popular, so I figured Iíd post a couple pics...

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