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additional notes

bezels available for individual sale.
1800 series- 46 brilliants set in white gold

18000 series menís day- date Ė
44 brilliants set in yellow gold (part code MBZ4488)
44 brilliants set in platinum (part code MBZ4466).
46 brilliants set in white gold (part code MBZ4690)

Ladies 69000 series gold case only watches.

32 full cut brilliants set in white gold (part code LBZ3490)
40 brilliants cut diamonds set in yellow gold (part code LBZ4088)
40 brilliants cut diamonds set in white gold (part code LBZ4099)

Midsize Rolex watches 68200 series.
18kt white gold with 40 brilliants diamonds (part code MSB4090)
18kt yellow gold with 44 brilliants diamonds (part code MSB4488)
18kt white gold with 44 brilliants cut diamonds (part code MSB4499).

No other bezels were available for separate sale at the time (1986 reference material) as stated earlier. Many crown collection Rolexes have different colourful stone bezel combos. I will list them in a future post, these are not for individual sale, if the case reference does not indicate a special model number matching that specific set up of stones in the texts, it is 99% aftermarket. Removing such rare bezels absolutely kills the resale value and is rarely done by anyone with a passion for Rolexes.

Below is an example of an older ladies 32 stone diamond bezel used on the 6900 series also set in white gold, the back is unmarked as with older mens bezels.
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