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a few rare bezels

Thanks guys for the positive replies and sorry for the typos in the post, by the end I was tired. Retrospectively, I should have waited to upload the post and completed a final manual edit rather than relying on a computer spell check only. Anyway now the thread is locked and I cannot fix my typos and grammatical errors.

To finish off diamond bezels, I guess I should add the few final rare bezels to this post. These bezels were never for individual sale and are only found on the models with the stated engraved case reference. These are quite rare crown collection diamond bezels. I will add another post with all the other gem stone and or diamond and gemstone combo bezels available and case references they are found on at another time, that will take quite a bit of work so not today. I just wanted to complete the diamond only Rolex bezels.

Rolex Day Date model 19028 Oysterquartz. This is a rare variant referred to as "Egyptian. This watch has factory original diamond bezel with 12 diamonds and factory original diamond dial.

18168- 18kt yellow gold case, bezel set with 24 baguette diamonds, this watch sold at Sotheby’s. This watch also featured a crown collection ruby and diamond string dial. I suspect since Rolex rarely change design the previous model the 1816 in the 1800 series had a similar if not the same bezel, it also had a factory baguette diamond bezel, although I cannot find a photo anywhere of one.

18108- 18kt yellow gold bark finish bezel set with 12 brilliants and bark finish concealed clasp band.

A quick note on case lugs, like these rare bezels they are only found on a few case reference or model numbers, you cannot have original diamond set case lugs without a model number that varies from a standard model number. Rolex crown collections are set in their diamond set ups, you could buy different dials of course to suit any taste, and a special range of crown collection special edition rare dials exists. Rolex diamond lugs have varied the count from 24 total (6 diamonds on each lug) to 28 (7 on each lug) and 32 (8 on each lug) over the years. Here is an example 18138- 18kt yellow gold, cartouche 40 brilliant set diamond bezel, case lugs set with 28 brilliants, 8 brilliant and 2 baguette set diamonds on the dial. The setup of the watch is already set by Rolex, only the dial can be varied to the customer’s taste. In this particular setup a cartouche bezel is used and was discussed earlier, these bezels only came on certain crown collection models and was not for individual sale.

Enjoy that's about it for diamond only rolex factory bezels.
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