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Originally Posted by Cru Jones View Post
Still dreaming of the 533, are we?

To answer you question, though, I'd go 233 for the dome, manual wind, thinner case, size of the "12" and "6", lume color and balance of the dial (while I like the idea of the "9" of the 533, I find it crowds the dial).

But, you keep coming back to the 533, so who cares what some Internet forum guys think? ;-)
You know me too well, my friend I'm just checking out people's opinions in case someone drops a bombshell that I might be missing.

It's still a few months off but I'll be picking up my final Pam at the end of July, just before Mrs P whisks me away on a surprise trip for my 50th birthday () so I want to be prepared and make sure the OP boutique have in stock what I want.

I've taken on board everything that my wife and my guy at the OP boutique have said in that I should get something different from my 359 and 689. As much as I like the 389 and love the 372, the 533 was the Panerai that twisted my head, like something out of The Exorcist movie, towards the brand. Also, I'm still haunted by the advice of Nicholas (1st AMG) when I began my hunt in June last year, where he basically said buy the one I want or things get expensive. Whatever else catches my eye, I still keep going back to the 533.

Mrs Van D says that from ten metres away the 533 looks the same as my 359; so does the 372. Maybe. But from ten metres away, how many people can tell the difference between a black Sub and a black GMT? Do I need to have watches that look different? I don't think I do, but what I do believe is that I should have watches that I love having and love wearing

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