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International Rolex Prices

I made a web site containing international Rolex prices: Compare international list prices of Rolex watches at

The site contains all current Rolex (this is about 2500) models in 21 markets, and prices can be converted to a range of currencies. The prices listed are Rolex MSRP as stated on their website.

If you want to leave any positive or negative feedback in this thread, I would be most grateful. For example

- Is the site's information useful?
- Are there any errors?
- How can it be improved? (Usability issues? Tax rates? Alerts?)

For me, who recently bought my first Rolex, a site like this would have helped me to research prices. I found some useful international prices here on TRF but thought I could improve on this great idea. Personally, I wanted a new watch from a AD to get full guarantee, and I do travel now and then, so buying in a different country could be an option.

Many thanks in advance!
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