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Originally Posted by PJ S View Post
When you’re researching, use the word Flieger rather than rely on Pilot bringing all the results.
And, fwiw, I’d probably steer away from chronographs, since they’re all going to be fairly thick due to using the ETA 775x/Sellita SW500 movements, which have a fair degree of rotor wobble that some people don’t like the feel of.
I second the above re thickness and rotor wobble on the more affordable automatic chronos. Had an IWC GST Chrono w a Valjoux 7750 based movement and it did not last due to rotor wobble and noise...

If I was the OP I'd look at the IWC Mark XV Fliegeruhr, Ref 3253, and, if it has to be a chrono, the corresponding IWC Flieger Chrono Ref 3706. Both are timeless classics from a brand well known for its Flieger pieces and within budget. I would stay clear of their more recent offerings though as the brand very much lost it after being bought by Richemont in the early 2000s...
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