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Originally Posted by _speedmaster_ View Post
To be honest, and I think I can speak for Doctok as well, it's not a matter of elegance. It just doesn't feel like an expensive, luxury watch becoming of it's price. For example, the 15202 and the steel Bulgari ultra thin are elegant, yet feel robust and worth the price.
Matter of taste I think. For me the 5711 is more elegant but less sporty than the 15202 which I like ok while the Bulgari doesn't do much for me.

Funny thing is I found the 5711 underwhelming once I had got one like you guys when trying it on. Told the AD a few weeks later that I am not very impressed but will give it 12 months to decide if it has to go again. The more I wore it though the more I started to like it and it clearly turned out to be a keeper.

IMO people may have too high expectations when trying on a 5711 for the first time in these days of crazy hype and market value. Does it do 20x more for me than my IWC Mark XV that is worth 20x less? Of course not...
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