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Originally Posted by 1William View Post
I have been waiting on the Seiko SNR031 since the release at Basel 19. My AD was selected to be one of a limited number of non-Seiko owned stores to be able to stock the LX. They arrived yesterday morning and by lunch the LX Black, Sea, was on my wrist. The watch is the same as my SLA021in case design and size. It is made of titanium and the strap is silicone. Wears very well and is a nice addition to my Seiko collection. I have my AD checking to see if the straps that are on the Land and Air models are available for purchase as I think it would give the watch a different look at times. The only issue I have had is that the watch is very difficult to photograph as it reflects light. The pictures are the best I can do, but that does not say much.

Nice looking Seiko, havenít got to see one of these in person yet but will try and make a visit to the Seiko Boutique in Knightsbridge at some point to have a look. Are these being released as a limited edition and only a set number being made?
A few months back I tried on the Omega Deep Black. Really liked the look of that watch now this one pops up and hard to tell which one I prefer.

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