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Originally Posted by superdog View Post
So I just got the below from the manager of the Omega Boutique.

They are so cool, and they are doing so much to make this awesome. This is going to be an EPIC event where we learn and have a great time to-boot.

I just wanted to follow-up with you to let you know that I was able to get our National Training Manager, Nate Gannon, to come to our event in August. He is super knowledgeable on OMEGA and the watch industry in general. He is going to bring his travel training kit of dials, ceramics, crystals, etc, which is totally amazing. He also will do a demonstration on magnetism. I thought we needed some sort of presentation to appeal to the crowd and make the event memorableJ

I have also reached out to my contact at The Oceanaire Seafood Room, to see if they can cater the event for us. I have attached the menu that she sent me, but she is checking with her General Manager to confirm they can actually do the catering first. Krystal, I thought you would be happy because they have oysters!

This event is now being dubbed Omega & Oysters!!!

So exciting.

Wow thatís really impressive and what a great boutique! Iíve been there with a pleasant no pressure experience in the past.

And my wife is in to join me so please count a +1 for me!

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