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Originally Posted by Blown 89 View Post
Where were you able to pick one up at 50%?

How does it wear in casual settings? Every time I try one on I love it but can't help but think that I'll never wear it because it belongs with a suit and a tie. Some watches does down well with different straps but I can't find pictures on this with anything but the factory black strap and polished bracelet.

I'm leaning between the Premier and the Tudor BB 58. As someone dresses down I worry that the Premier will sit unworn compared to the more versatile 58
I'm wearing mine with a dark grey canvas strap. I'd say that it's not really a "shorts and t-shirt" watch. It is a bit formal. I don't always wear suits but I tend to wear a lot of black pants with white collared shirts and it works great with that sort of look.

I considered the BB 58 for a long time - both the regular diver and the chrono. Didn't like the bracelet clasps, didn't like the rivets, didn't like the snowflake hour hand, and on the chrono I didn't like the proportions and pseudo-Daytona design.

I got my Premier B01 50% off by shopping in Tokyo's famous Nakano Broadway watch district. Breitling prices in particular are very very good here because the demand is quite low. I learned this from the other side when I offered to sell my brand new Breitling Datora (a $12,000 watch) and they offered me $5000 for it.
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