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Originally Posted by envuks View Post
The flu kills about 14 people per 100,000 cases in the US.

With a ~3.5% mortality rate, coronavirus would be ~3,500 deaths per 100,000 cases

I was talking about this with friends last night. Those rates are vastly different and our experience will be nothing like the flu. Iím 37 and lucky enough to not know anyone whoís died from the flu. The 2 friends I was talking to last night also didnít know anyone who died from the flu. You also canít catch the same strain of the flu more than once.

I believe our experience to be different with this when corona really hits due to the rates and fact a person can get it more than once. I hypothesize that we'll all know someone who dies from this before itís all said and done

The US is basically dong nothing for prevention

Donít panic, but itís very possible that we experience a societal paradigm shift once this really gets going

Well put. A lot of these too cool to care posts will not age well.
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