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Originally Posted by bombafra1 View Post
I would suggest to buy something with different shape than round :-)
Originally Posted by Maxy View Post
Good collection but I would do so much consolidation and remove some pieces and then add other variety!
I've added two more watches since I posted this. A Dubey & Schaldenbrand with a different shape case and a 18238 (which has always been my grail) so that I'd have a gold watch.

There are some of these that, if I had it to do over again, I wouldn't have bought. But, some of those have sentimental meaning and I really can't let them go (for example, the watches we wore when we got married) even though, under other circumstances, I wouldn't keep them.

Of the bunch, I'd really like to let go of the JLC Dualmatic and the Cartier and I may eventually list them for sale since I almost never wear them - maybe once a month at most.

The Montblanc, DateJust and JLC Master Control Date have too much sentimental value for me to consider letting them go even though they get almost no wrist time.

Anyway, there are always other watches out there to acquire and, I get enjoyment out of almost all of these.

Thanks for the feedback, guys! Good points!
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