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Originally Posted by Syed117 View Post
I wish I could do anything other than laugh at that.

The rationalization being that leaving a cart out in a parking lot is keeping someone employed. Right.

I can see it now.

Put stuff in car.
Look at cage 20 feet away.
NO! I'm going to leave it right here.
Doesn't matter that if I might end up blocking a spot.
Doesn't matter that it might roll away and hit someone's car.
Someone has a job because of me
Clearly, the reason you can't find good parking is that the store you go to has a buggy cage every 40 feet. There simply is no room for cars with all these buggy cages clogging up the lot. I see why you are so bitter. The high buggy cage density is simply ruining your life.

Now, if you go to the store I go to there is one cage per acre. But there are a couple guys who do nothing but shag buggies and take them inside. They seem happy in their work. They usually come to my car to grab the buggy. But if they don't, I leave it in the space next to my car. Sorry that poor buggy service in your store has ruined your life, but I'm not walking half way across the lot to cage the buggy.
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