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Very nice. Iím sure you have figured this out but this is what happens next.

1. You fill the roll and get another for the wrist

2.You spot another and then buy a bigger roll or box

3.You then want to fill the bigger box/roll and scramble to do so
You then realise you bought a lot of ďfillerĒ watches and start to flip them realising all along the smaller roll was just fine

4. Now you have 5 heavy hitters and another on the wrist
You convince yourself you need a dress watch and regret selling the bigger box/roll

5. You secretly long for the first watch you bought and flipped, buy it again at an inflated price and then remember why you sold it.

6. You know have 10 watches for only 7 days in a week, your hobby is out of control.
You have a bigger watch roll/box than you every imagined and spend a fortune on a safe in which to fit it.

7. You now trade everything for A PM selection you convince yourself that 5 is really enough

8. Lange release a new Datograph, itís $120k and itís just stupid money but you justify to
Yourself that you have pretty much broken even on the hobby after some early losses and explain to the wife itís an investment.

9. She disagrees and files for divorce

10. You sell all your watches to pay for the divorce, buy a citizen dive watch and a canvas watch roll and slowly build up again

Ok, maybe exclude the divorce part

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