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And if you read all you could see that all build are on original 116520 base and even if I received many demands to build those using rep base I never did it and will not do it.

But however doesn’t change nothing, your only point of view is so reduce to the fact that dial/bezel/case back not original!!!

Just to be clear those I sold at the exception of one were with the stock crystal not the engraved one, all I sold were as skeleton Daytona and not as Rolex Daytona, and finally owners know perfectly what they have bought.

Am I here to sell them? Certainly not, just share what I have done. Am I member on RWI? Yes I am, could like this made differences between the rep movement and the original one and improved my skills with those rep base movements even if finally I have used my own original Daytona, and members on RWI are not monkeys, Have I something to hide? Nope nothing, and for sure couldn’t sell any rep because I know too much differences between the original one!!
Did I build skeleton using rep bases? Nope, will I? Nope even if I could and even if it make me earning money, I have too much respect for my work and don’t want destroy it by building those on rep base.

At least thanks for your appreciation of my build, and I thank you for your comments about the trademark, like told are not sold with this crystal. And if you wants asked me something else, please feel free.

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