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Originally Posted by AHG View Post
I really am happy for everyone who gets the beautiful watch they've wanted. And I do hope it was a private flight. But I wouldn't say "brave" because as a physician, I have to say it's unfair, if not irresponsible, to those around us to travel for something non-essential that could easily be mailed to you.
Sorry, I don't mean for it to be scathing in any way, but I have to go to work and likely get exposed, but you may not have to. I just think we should think about the risk to others. Again congrats, but I felt like I had to mention that.

I'll also add that I don't know where you live and what the rules for travel were, but I wanted to make a more general point.
Originally Posted by jon_jon View Post
Great watch!

Brave to fly 2000km in this day and age for a watch, unless you flew private
Both points valid - for context I am not in North America and commercial flights were available. Secondly I had already been in quarantine for 2 weeks as I had been in Europe. Thirdly with 15 odd people on the flight spaced many metres apart I felt social distancing was in place.

The prime reason I did the flight was I really cannot predict whether full lockdown was going to happen and as I had paid for the watch in full I was nervous about ever actually getting it. They would not courier it either

So while the points are valid it was not done glibly and without risk considerations.
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