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Originally Posted by mountainjogger View Post
Seth. I think my prior posts speak for themselves. I am genuinely interested in your responses.

So, I will apologize in advance if the wording of my questions offended. But I would point out that your posts on this subject have also sometimes mixed in argument with questions or points. It is hard not to given the nature of the issues involved.

I would also point out that saying 5% death toll world wide would not be "bad" or might be "good", in my opinion begs for clarification, particularly when those words are used by someone whose post I usually find thoughtful and well written.

So, let me start over and ask my questions again. Albeit with more brevity and less argument.

1. What do you mean by 5% death of world population would not be bad. And what do you mean when you say it might be be "good."

2. By grinding to at halt is that what you are saying we have done or might be the possible effect of waiting to to reopen too long.

3. Do you agree that a good bit of commerce is continuing in the majority of places that are not hot spots?

4. How does what we are doing now, and the costs associated to date compare with what we spent responding to 9/11 and Boeing had to do to respond to their crashes, on a dollar for death comparison.

I think these are fair questions.

Stay safe.
Iím interested as well.
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