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I want to thank everyone for chiming in. After thinking deeply about it, it wasn't a hard decision after all. I decided to keep my 14060m. There was a reason why I bought this watch. The history, the stories, and my hobby in collecting 007 watches. I wear it daily now since it is the only "nice" watch I have.

I'll be purchasing the Longines Moonphase within a few days. It's the watch I always wanted prior to the 14060m. Just a beautiful watch in that price range. It'll be a day to day watch when I feel like wearing my brown shoes. HAHA. I got a good deal waiting. $2200 from an AD. Unless any of you know a better deal. Let me know!

The GMTIIC can wait. I do see lots of them floating around and when I'm ready, I'll get it. Beautiful watch nonetheless.

I think I just got caught up in the moment of forum madness... Can't believe I was about to let the 14060m go... I don't think I'll ever let it go. Probably hand it down when I have a son. Thanks again everyone for chiming in. This is too much fun. I'll leave with a WRUW Thursday. Cheers.

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