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Originally Posted by swils8610 View Post
I tried Panerai a few years back. Couldn't bond with it. Cut it loose. Get a Rolex. BLNR has better resale currently the the Polar. I'd get out while the gettin's good!

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The best value in sports Rolex is an old 16570 40mm Polar with red GMT hand. Really underrated watch. They can be picked up for around $4k in great condition with a little bit of hunting. The bigger size 216570 with the orange hand is nice but they take a really big hit (over $2k when adding tax) when bought new. There's several mint condition ones on chrono24 for $6k. Some are even negotiable! That means at least $5800. Never buy a new Explorer II black or polar! This is worse depreciation that most Datejusts! They're awesome watches though and really a bargain at the depreciated price.
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