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Originally Posted by Ruud Van Driver View Post
Not quite so clear cut as saying simply that Rolex hold their values better than Panerai. Sure, some Panerais tank on value but some Rolex, such as SS Sub, BLNR, Daytona, certain Pepsi GMTS and D-Blue hold their value way better than others. DJs, Explorers and OPs for example, can be picked up at reasonable prices when pre-loved as can some TT and PM sports references.

Perhaps consider sitting on the 389 for a few months without wearing it and see how you feel then. You might change your mind. Good luck
Especially TT Daytonas. It's really unbelievable that they would be worth much more if all of the gold could be removed. Only with this particular watch. It must be SS or full PM. Probably the worst value in the entire Rolex lineup is a TT Daytona at its full $16900 retail or rather $18400 with tax.
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