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Originally Posted by 1William View Post
I am a huge Rolex fan and have just returned to the fold as an Omega and Panerai owner. I like the 389 and think that the watch has a lot to offer for a 47 mm diver. I believe that the retail on the 389 is 11K and can be had NIB in the 8-8.5K range. Several pre-owned models have moved through at less than that. We say it all the time but it is true. "Buy right and a sell or a flip does not hurt as bad". It all comes down to what you paid and the value on a trade or a sale. Contact several Trusted Sellers and see what they would give you on a trade toward a BLNR. Be specific with them. If you just send a note asking the value of your watch you will get a much lower value as they do not know what you are looking at and the margins they have in that watch. I will not keep a watch that I do not wear or enjoy and very seldom when I lose the lust for a watch does it come back. Get all the information and make an informed decision. I would go TS as the ease of the transaction and dependability of what I am getting offsets the headaches of a private sale. Good luck and I look forward to an Incoming thread.
Yes the retail on the 389 is 11k. I have asked around and the offers have been stomach wrenching, have all been in the same ball park which makes me realize maybe the hit I would take would be too big.which is why after the passed few days I may just hang with 389 and add to the collection. I do agree that if the list for the watch disappears the watch should follow however if the market isn't there not sure the hit is justifiable.
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