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Pros: Can get what you now without waiting, Less $ (even if grey market is higher then msrp you usually have to spend more then the price difference with an AD to get what you want at MSRP)
Cons: They always seems too busy to return calls or emails, "New" Condition can mean scratches/lightly worn (I bought 2 AP's from reputable greys so far and both have had to go back due to scratches. The Nautilus was perfect however).

Pros: No question as to condition or chain of custody, first class service, AD buying experience
Cons: Might have to wait, usually more expensive then grey market

AP has no presence in Canada, so had to buy grey market. I have no relationship with Patek here and didn't want to wait several years. The model I wanted kept going up in price so I figured I'd buy in now before risking Patek cancelling that model too. Bought a Lange 1 grey, 20% discount and available now vs 67 month wait at full retail. Still waiting for it to arrive (incompetent fedex)

Ordered from AD for a pair of JLC's as price difference over grey was minimal.

Looking at a IWC Minute Repeaters but the one I want are long discontinued so not something I could get from AD. I did get my IWC Pilot 36 from AD though and was a very pleasant experience. Got invited to an event and got free things, top notch service
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