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Be Careful!

I have had one dealing. Bought a gold datejust about 5 years ago. They gave the same platitudes such as in perfect condition, and you have the rediculous 3 day inspection period for any returns. The watch had a winding problem that should have been identified by, and fixed by Wingates before it was sold. But this did not happen, and for the money you spend, they deserve the red brand of Buyer Beware!

So be careful, and should you buy from them have a workable plan where you can have a local expert give your purchase a good examination, and if there is a problem that you can get it back to them in the short amount of time they require. This is can be difficult unless you are the examining expert, and the 3-day return is designed to reduce returns that they do not want anyway. This is just another company where taking money is more important than customer satisfaction.

Of course with fakes and replicas becomming so good and hard to distinguish, it is possible that one could slip through on their end by accident. Again, the scope of this is to be cautious and to ensure a good purchase.
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