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Bezel- turning on a 1680 (or 5513)

Originally Posted by zapokee View Post
As with anything, it's only easy if you know what you're doing. It's important to know how to remove the bezel/insert mounting without gouging or scratching anything, to even know what a tension ring is, and to know how to put it all back together without damaging anything. The OP doesn't seem to be familiar with how the bezel/tension ring set-up works, so a DIY job doesn't seem advisable.

For somebody who's never done it and is playing it by ear, there's a significant chance of effing up a 3,000-dollar insert. All for the sake of 50 bucks to have a pro look at it. The OP is in Amsterdam - take it to Amsterdam Vintage Watches and have them take a look. I'm sure they have a tech, or at least access to one.

We all underestimate the value of our specialist knowledge.

...and make sure whatever ďproĒ you take it to doesnít just slide a case knife under the bezel to pop it off. They will scratch the lugs. Guaranteed. I canít tell you how many times Iíve seen this. Use a plastic card or a piece of plastic film around the knife. Good luck.

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