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I finally took a trip to NYC and visited the boutique over there. The two sales people were friendly however it was definitely a visit that went nowhere. I told them about what I would be potentially interested in and all they had to say was keep dropping in and come to our "collectors events". I explained to them that I live in Boston and would not be dropping in. I am not delusional enough to expect to walk out of the boutique with the watch I want on my first visit but expecting me to travel repeatedly for a relationship sounds like a load of BS to me. Our AD in Boston is getting cut like every other AD. Is everyone in the US supposed to travel to the 3 boutiques repeatedly to beg for watches? Ridiculous! At least I was able to place a deposit on a Gronefeld Principia.

I agree. That is simply unrealistic and a joke. Yes itís convenient if you are in the general vicinity but if you donít travel for work and are nowhere near I think these proposals are far fetched. There have to be other ways to demonstrate one is serious as a customer.
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