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Originally Posted by thekman View Post
I completely understand the scarcity of the watches and the problem they have in allocating them. But asking people to come to events when you only have 3 boutiques in the whole US and plan on cutting ADs unfortunately puts most of us who dont live near one out of the game

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I think once you visited the boutique and have a contact there, you can keep tab with him/her and once they know you better, you should be able to order what you want. I have never met the lady who is helping me but I feel that she genuinely tried to help. Imagine being a salesperson who has nothing to sell for the next 12 months, I can imagine that their only job is to know the potential customers.

They do care about who gets the watches and trying to make sure it is not going to the flippers. At least they are not making you buy a bunch of unwanted things to get a hot model.

In this case, I do believe that patience will pay off.
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