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5726A v 5712G


Quick question for you all, especially the current and/or previous owners of one or both of these two watches: which do you prefer and why? Why did you buy one over the other (if you bought one)?

Both are stealth pieces, but what I like most about the 5726A (grey dial) is: (a) its SS, and thus harder wearing (although I wish it was WG as I like the heft); (b) the annual calendar function, which looks fantastic in the Nautilus case; and (c) best of all, the pure symmetry and user friendliness of the dial. It's perfect: day, date, month, moon phase, and good lume. Its absolutely perfect.

What I like most about the 5712G is: (1) the WG case gives it some heft, which I prefer over SS, and the lack of bracelet means not having to worry about dinging up the bracelet; (2) the date/moonphase functionality on the dial (although, often question the requirement for a power reserve on an automatic); and (3) best of all, I love the 240 movement. I could look at that all day.

The only issue with the 5726A is the 24 hour display. I know why its there, but don't see a need for it. The only issue with the 5712 is the lack of dial symmetry (love/hate) and the lack of lume markers at 4-5-7. These are small niggles in otherwise near flawless watches.

For the 5726A owners, it is a very light watch? I have always found the PP SS pieces to be very light. I imagine with a leather strap, this would be a feather on the wrist.


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