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Originally Posted by Erson View Post
- A manually wound watch should preferably be wound every morning. This optimizes the flawless function of the movement and reduces its susceptibility to shocks and positional variations.



1) Do you people wind your manual watch every day? I mean this is crazy if you have 10 manual watch. How many time is wasted of winding up the watch.

2) How about automatic watch, do you need to wind up every day? Is it wise to leave the automatic watch stop for a long period of time?
1, IF you wear it that particular piece it s advised to wind it up , otherwise you shouldn t . same like cars if you don t drive it you shouldn t fill it up . you shouldn t wind it up at all since it s AUTOMATIC , except if run down then you need to wind it up .Basically leave it the watch unused isn t a real problem today s synthetic oils are much better than the older types ( i talk about weeks/months not about years obviously)

"Also remember that feet don't get fat and a watch will always speak volumes." Robert Johnston
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