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Would you do it...??

I know ultimately itís a decision made by me, get what youíll love etc....
BUT...since this would be a major trade, Iíd just like to hear others thoughts. Always appreciate this forum for the wisdom

I am a huge Daytona fan and have what I consider to be ďAlmostĒ the ultimate Daytona...
I have an opportunity to do a 3/1 trade....3 PM Rolex for a SS Rolex...the Daytona, IMO thatís an ultimate Daytona...6263 Big Red, silver dial, excellent condition, all original, reputable seller, etc...
Rolex Iíd be left with: YG DD40 and 16600.
Trading WG GMT, WG DD 40, and PT Daytona.

Thoughts appreciated as always
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