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Originally Posted by VicLeChic View Post
I know nothing about the vintage market. I'm glad. glad :)

Originally Posted by watchwatcher View Post
My initial thought was no when I read your post. After seeing some of the responses here, especially from those that know what they're talking about, I'm doubly way, my friend.
Thank you sir
Originally Posted by 05carbondrz View Post
No,The Vintage Daytona Market is at a all Time crazy level...There has to be a price correction soon.
Iíd say your right, but the rise is meteoric on these Daytonaís

Originally Posted by AK797 View Post
I would pass, the only vintage Daytona I would buy is a PN, just like an early mk red sub would be the only vintage Sub I would buy. All or nothing for me with vintage.

Originally Posted by matthundreds View Post
It is not a trade I would make. That said, if that is your absolute grail watch and your grail watch hasnít changed with all the other watches youíve acquired over the years - go for it. Itís so hard to not chase a moving target! Great collection btw.
Thank you much!

Originally Posted by air_king View Post
I have to agree, a little steep.
Originally Posted by playmore009 View Post
I get it. You want something you donít have right now. It may be the ultimate Daytona but I would never go that trade. Never!!!
Thank you

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Originally Posted by MinMay View Post
As any collector, I would do it. I rather have 1 ultimate grail
Originally Posted by hai.tranhr View Post
No for sure!
Originally Posted by faz View Post

Same here. No knowledge of vintage market, so if you are buying it to show off to me, don't!

(just kidding about the show off part of course.)
Originally Posted by ROLEXster View Post
No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No
Just No ......
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