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Originally Posted by Buyer's Remorse View Post
I also purchased the reissued 806 in the US after it was announced. My dealer told me 300 were shipping to the US... different from what others have said, but consistent with a low number.

I guess these will end up on the secondary market, no idea whether at a premium or a discount. But I had been searching for an original, pristine example of this watch for years and now am really excited to have the modern reissue that I can wear.

Same here although I was looking for a modern navitimer as my second entry into Breitling nothing sang to me. After 2 years of looking I was about switch up and go with a PAM 233 instead, then this model came out. Being limited production I hope it doesnít drop 30% in value when I leave the store. A major factor in why I have stuck with Rolex for many years.
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